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שאלות ותשובות

  • where is the studio
    The studio is located in the Yoni market area in Jaffa, near the flea market and many places of entertainment among magical alleys and in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • What are the opening hours?
    The hours of operation of the studio are flexible and because the studio also hosts workshops even when it is open, we will not always be available for you, therefore it is necessary to coordinate a visit to the studio on WhatsApp at the number 0546738601
  • What are the payment methods?
    You can pay on the site by credit card and via PayPal.
  • How long will the jewelry be ready?
    The work process and preparation time varies from piece of jewelry to piece of jewelry and ranges from two weeks to a month. For urgent orders, contact us to check availability.
  • Is there a warranty on the jewelry? What does it include?
    Our jewelry has a two-year warranty except for the following cases: The warranty does not include natural wear and tear (plated jewelry will be given a two-year warranty for the coating). damages caused by improper use and handling. Accident or malicious damage. Jewelry that has been repaired or had changes made to it that were not made by us. There is no responsibility for the loss or theft of the product.
  • How will I receive the jewel?
    You can read about the shipping policy on this page.
  • What ring size is right for me?
    We have a page just for that, Go here.< /p>
  • Who is the workshop suitable for?
    The workshop can be suitable for different levels of abilities and ages starting from 10 years old and older as long as there is no motor problem with the hand and no previous talent or experience is necessary (although if there is it is also fine).
  • What materials do you work with?
    Depends on the workshop: Freestyle workshop - working with a metal called brass, the jewelry you will make will be sent to the factory for gold or silver plating (without nickel) and then to you packaged as a gift. Silversmith workshop - working with 925 silver at the end of the workshop, they finish making the jewelry and receive it packaged as a gift.
  • If I have no talent at all, will I succeed in the workshop?"
    The workshop is built in such a way that there is a wide range of levels and you can always create a piece of jewelry.
  • Is the workshop suitable to celebrate a special event?
    Yes! The workshop is an excellent way to celebrate special events, an experience and a gift in the same celebration.
  • Who conducts the workshop?
    The workshop is delivered by professional and experienced goldsmiths with teaching experience.
  • When?
    Group workshops (up to 8 participants) are held on Fridays and once a month on a Thursday afternoon. Private workshops can be arranged by phone according to what is convenient for you and us or according to the options that appear on the website.
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